Sightseeing Tour of Amman (Daily)

Sightseeing Tour of Amman (Daily)

Departure at (9:30, 14:00) from 3rd Circle Intercontinental Hotel (Location).

Departure at (10:00, 14:30) from JETT 7th Circle.

At our open top double decker bus rides through the vibrant city of Amman, passing through both the old and the new. During this trip, you will get the chance to view and learn about some of Amman’s most iconic landmarks from the comfort of your own seat. We will take you on a journey of Jordan's rich history - from the ancient to the modern.

The Bus Schedule Itinerary:

*Morning Tour Itinerary:

pick up Point Intercontinental Hotel ,3rd Circle, Passing by 7th Circle JETT Offices ,king hussein business park, City Mall, Al-Hussein Parks, Abdali Development ,CIitadel Hill (stop for 30 mints), Al- Balad (Down town)passing by The Roman Theater ,the Jordan museum ,Zahran royal palace , parliamentary life museum,1st Circle rainbow,

Drop off:

Intercontinental hotel 3rd Circle (Location)

7th Circle (Location)

*Evening Tour Itinerary:

Mecca Street, Shmesani passed by Abdali Development, Al-Balad (Down town),passed by Citadel Hill ,Abdoun,

Drop off:

Intercontinental Hotel (Location)

7th Circle (Location)

*Interpretation available in eight languages

Ticket Price: 15 JOD