Wadi Rum - Aqaba
Wadi Rum - Aqaba

"Daily" Wadi Rum: Known to be one of the world’s most beautiful deserts located near the southern border of Jordan, Wadi Rum is an experience every traveler must witness for themselves. Whether you want to participate in some adventure sports such as rock climbing, or you simply wish to relax under the beautiful desert skies while sipping some traditional Bedouin tea, Wadi Rum is the place for you. Aqaba: Located at the southernmost tip of Jordan, Aqaba is Jordan’s only coastal city situated alongside the beautiful Red Sea. Famous for the stunning underwater life, year-round warm & sunny weather, vast array of water sports, and traditional culture, Aqaba sets itself apart by offering visitors a unique local experience unlike anywhere else.

Departure Time

17:00 Wadi Rum's visitor center

18:30 Arrive to Aqaba

Return Locations

Movenpick Tala Bay - Aqaba Diver’s Village - Aqaba JETT offices - Aqaba