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JTT Strategy and vision

Interpreting your vision and developing an effective strategy for your conference is a vital element of  our role.
We will ensure that your vision becomes a reality by getting the right fit for your conference - everything from presentation, to speakers, through to  entertainment.
The initial planning meetings are vital to the success of your conference. 
At these meetings your conference begins to take shape. 
Timelines, budgets and marketing plans are put in place. 
Roles and responsibilities are defined and important financial issues are considered.
This time spent in planning and forethought will pay dividends later and you'll feel ready to move forward with confidence.

An effective communication strategy that rises above the clutter

As your conference takes shape, its important to capture the attention of your audience and attract potential business partners.
You need an effective communication and marketing strategy that clearly positions your conference in the marketplace above the clutter and integrates completely with any existing strategies you have in place. We realise that your conference may be just onecomponent within your current marketing mix.
Excellence in your external communications is vital - whether it's pitching a sponsorship package, providing the convenience of website registration or delivering timely and accurate information to delegates.
We will help you make optimal use of all marketing media to effectively communicate with your audience and impress them.

 Planning Organizing and Management of Conference, Seminars,
 Business to Business Networking Forum and Work Shops. 

 Promotions and Consultation. 

 Coordination of Corporate Functions. 

 Organizing of Community and Cultural Projects.  
 Organizing and Launching Promotional Campaigns for Companies and Products. 

 Planning, Designing and Erecting Stands and Exhibitor Spaces  

Creating the strategy with project organizer
Total design of the project (creating or remodeling visual identity of the project)
Communication and logistic for foreign guests
Transfers and accommodation for guests
Marketing and PR activities for the project
Sponsorship negotiations
Budget management and cash flow

Congress secretariat
Registration system
On-site management
Conference venue arrangements
Audio-visual and technical infrastructure
Translation services
Catering services
Artistic program
Social programs, pre and post Turing